Von Balthasar and Theological Freedom

As the magisterium continues to try to do its job, something for it, and us, always to remember.  Von Balthasar speaks to the need for allowing the necessary freedom for theological reflection to take place:

Heresy is an analogical concept.  Even if a sharp boundary line is drawn between those heresies that have earned an express judgment of condemnation and those that never met with such a condemnation and thus continue to claim a part of the Church’s heart, still we should consider how much objective distortion was held in the course of time by the most important Doctors of the Church, how much was lost out of sheer accident or as a necessary adjunct to an express condemnation, how many erroneous and inexact views float around in the heads of nearly all believers!

3 Responses to Von Balthasar and Theological Freedom

  1. infanted says:

    What’s the quote from?

  2. A wonderful essay called “The Fathers, the Scholastics, and Ourselves” in Communio 24 (Summer 1997).

  3. Grumpy Ex Pat says:

    very nice quotation!

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