3 Responses to Law & Conscience

  1. Henry says:

    Welcome back! Great article Anthony! Have you received any feedback on it? Henry

    • Anthony Lusvardi, SJ says:

      Hi Henry, thanks. I haven’t gotten any feedback yet on it, other than from a professor friend at Loyola who encouraged me to publish the article and from the journal itself.

  2. Qualis Rex says:

    Salve Anton! And welcome back to “the grid” (I’m back home for the summer, so also on-and-off it). Unfortunately, like “social justice”, “conscience” has been too often co-opted by certain groups within (?) the church to justify opposition to dogma. My response is always, “your conscience is relative, the truth is not. The church is the fullness of truth; can you claim the same for your conscience?” Great thought-provoking article as always, Anton. Enjoy the summer, and you were very much missed.

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