“Unless You Drink the Blood of the Son of Man…”

In a continued spirit of fraternal dialogue, I’d like to recommend to you all a really great chapter by Raniero Cantalamessa, the papal household preacher, on the reception of communion under both species.  It pretty much summarizes my thoughts on the matter, and I believe it is well worth the read of everyone.

5 Responses to “Unless You Drink the Blood of the Son of Man…”

  1. It’s not a link that works.

  2. I just tried it again. You can’t click on it. You have to copy the whole address and paste it entirely and it will take you directly to the chapter of the book. If you are still having trouble, go to Google Books and put in “The Eucharist: Our Sanctification.” It is available entirely for free on Google Books. The chapter is Chapter 4.

  3. I’m such a tech illiterati. My browser won’t highlight the address so I can paste it. I brought up the book on Google Books, but it only goes up to page 21. I’m not going to try any more to get it, but thought you might like to know about the difficulty using this method.

  4. Peter Wolczuk says:

    Reminds me of, how when God introduced the Mosaic law, the Children of Israel were told not to consume the blood of slaughtered livestock because the blood had the life in it.
    Leviticus 17:11&14 Deuteronomy 12:23
    So; it seems that when the One who fulfilled the law came, an infinitely superior sacrifice with the blood and life was (and still is) provided.
    I’m glad that I used a manageable process of reading the Holy Scripture through at one or two chapters a day to allow for assimilation on my imperfect scale.

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