Faith After High School, Part II

Here are five more responses.  I’ll post the questions again:

1.  Where do you go to college? What year are you?

2.  Please describe your current faith life (regular mass, daily prayer, involvement in clubs, etc. or lack thereof)

3.  Did Jesuit prepare you well for a life of faith in college? 

4.  Since leaving Jesuit, have you become more or less committed to your faith? 

5.  Since leaving Jesuit, have you become more or less adult and mature in your faith? 

6.  What could Jesuit do better to form you in the Catholic Faith?


1. Texas Christian University. Freshman

2. My current faith life involves going to mass every Sunday. I miss one here or there but I try my best to keep that obligation very steady.

3. Jesuit did a great job but I feel as though once you are on your own, it is very hard to maintain a life of faith unless you are fully committed. I know I have tried to maintain my faith because I realize it is very important, but I do forget occasionally.

4. I would say I have maintained my faith. I never prayed daily as often as I should and I gave the same amount of effort to attend mass as I do now.

5. I would definitely say more mature because I have no influences from teachers, priests, or parents to remind me about any part of my faith.

6. Jesuit just needs to continue to stress the importance of faith with retreats, mass, and religion classes. I have met so many people here who have no background of Catholic faith and are at least interested about becoming involved. I’m very fortunate to have had the high school faith made so important to me.


1.  I go to Franciscan University. I’m a freshman

2.  I go to daily Mass. I am majoring in Catechetics. I am an usher and sound tech for Mass. I am doing SENT ministry as well as a mission of peace during spring break.

3.  I would say that Jesuit prepared me well, but that was due to my want to form a faith. Many kids can skate by Jesuit with very little, if any, faith.

4.  I would say that I have become more committed to my faith.

5.  I would say I have not. My faith is changing but I’m not sure if that could be classified as more of less adult.

6.  I really am not sure. Perhaps a greater amount of focus on daily personal prayer.


1. Fordham University, Sophomore.

2. Mass once a week, daily prayers.

3. yes it did

4. about the same.

5. more mature.

6. let students question every aspect of the Catholic faith. Spitz let us do this in my freshman and I am a better catholic for it. Too many times in my time at Jesuit, teachers, mostly lay members of the church, would be less than welcome to the mere theoretical disagreement with the smallest aspect of the church. I feel that is contrary to the Jesuit type of religion and thought.


1.  Freshman Tulane

2.  Prayer but, unfortunately, no mass. I still consider myself as a religious person through my actions thoughts and words.

3.  Jesuit definitely did especially with the retreats

4-5. I have become more adult but less committed because now it’s up to me to go out and practice my faith.

6.  Jesuit really couldn’t do anything else for me. Morality class was the most important to me and the confessions before mass were an excellent way to ‘restart’ my faith.


1.  I’m currently a freshman at Louisiana State University.

2.  My current faith life consists of weekly mass on Sundays, saying the Prayer of St. Ignatius and the Prayer for Serenity in the mornings, and when I have time, I’m rereading Hearts on Fire and Wellsprings. I’m also trying to get involved in a C.S. Lewis class if I can fit it in my schedule.

3.  Jesuit did prepare me for a more involved faith life in college. I have met many friends who are catholic and attended Catholic schools, but do not practice their faith. Jesuit gave me the background and help I needed so that when I am challenged by my faith, or question my faith, I know resources and a [Jesuit] family I can go to for help.

4.  Upon leaving Jesuit, I lost my faith a little, because I did not like my parish priest and could not concentrate on the Mass, and my family did not see why I wanted to go to mass elsewhere, where I felt I could get more out of the sacrament. When I decided to go to another church, despite my family’s disapproval, my faith life seemed to pick up again, and now I am more committed to my faith than ever.

5.  Leaving Jesuit did not seem to affect my sense of maturity in faith other than knowing now that someone won’t tell me to go to mass, I have to make that decision on my own. My formative years at Jesuit, especially sophomore and junior year is when I really grew into a more mature role in my faith and started to pray and take more things seriously and with reverence.

6.  I personally feel that Jesuit does a fantastic job in helping form faith lives of adolescent men… However, a close friend of mine brought up how Jesuit seems to only teach about their side of matters… and I started to see where he was coming from… I did not really learn the views of other religions and philosophies while at Jesuit, and it is difficult for me to see an opponent’s side of the issue, or rather I see the issue as black and white, not that their can be multiple acceptable views.

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