Shameless self-promotion

Jesuit formation, as I wrote in my last post, aims to prepare us to go anywhere, and this August marks a major step forward in that formation for me, as well as a major change in scenery.  I have traded in the skyscrapers of Chicago and the philosophy books of Loyola University for the prairies of south-central South Dakota and parish administration at St. Agnes, St. Bridget, and St. Charles parishes on the Rosebud Reservation.

The Jesuits out here on the prairie don’t often make it into the headlines, but we do work of which the Society can be rightly proud.  So take a moment and check out the work of St. Francis Mission here on the web, and if you happen to be visiting the Badlands or the Black Hills take a somewhat longer moment and a slight detour off of I-90 to learn a bit about Lakota culture and the work of the “Blackrobes” over the past century—and today.

And since, as you can imagine, this transition has taught me just how much I still have to learn about everything from parish finances to Lakota burial traditions to how to polish brass, these weeks have left me with a bit less time for blogging than what I’ve been used to.  Fear not, however, loyal readers of Whosoever Desires, for this latest assignment promises even more stories and observations to share with all of you in the months and years to come.

And just in case you’re looking for a little extra end-of-summer reading, I thought I’d pass on to you the link to a relatively young literary magazine you all might enjoy called Dappled Things.  True Jesuit aficionados will recognize the title as coming from a poem by one Gerard Manley Hopkins, S.J., and the journal represents a nice contribution to a distinctively Catholic literary culture.  You might also find a name you recognize among the most recent issue’s contributors.

If you’re still in the mood for short stories, and I hope you are, I also recommend the most recent issue of the Mid-American Review for similar, completely disinterested, reasons.

In the meantime, keep all of us young Jesuits in formation in your prayers, that God will make us passionate and faithful servants of his Church—and perhaps that he’d send a few more young men our way to join the ranks…  maybe even one or two who know something about parish finances or how to polish brass…



4 Responses to Shameless self-promotion

  1. Qualis Rex says:


    Anton, I hope you can find time to post back. If you can adapt to the Indians of Orissa, I have no doubt you will quickly do so with the “Indians” of South Dakota. I will continue to pray for more good priests, and for you personally. Keep in touch!!!

  2. Peter Wolczuk says:

    A very nice communication. I’ve always found it fulfilling to get to where there’s less of the urban challenges and man’s law’s and more of God’s law and challenges. I don’t know what God’s plan for anyone is but, I can readily believe that He has some learning experiences in store for you there.
    The link to “Dappled Things” looks promising and I intend to follow it up through more issues; thank you.
    Since the link took me to the poetry page, it seems like a good time to start sending my 2011 Christmas card poem so that those who make their own Christmas cards can have the option of using it.

    We wake up on Christmas Morning
    To gifts in a sock or under a tree
    But the greatest Gift was in a stable
    Destined for a tree at Calvary

    Also, now that I’m in poet mode, one I wrote not too long ago for a support group’s newsletter when they were requesting poetry for an issue dedicated to art to inspire those who were in need of support.

    The future’s uncertain for everyone
    Not just for you and me
    For some it’s, “where will I sleep tonight?
    Well I’ll just have to wait and see.”

    Will it be in a bed in a shelter?
    Because I managed to not get high
    Or will it be on some cardboard in a doorway?
    Where my shivering self will lie?

    Full of remorse and anger
    “Why did I give in again?”
    A few dollars – I was gonna save them
    Add a few more, get a home and then…

    But the siren within me kept calling
    With its repetitive and foul old lie
    “Just one more – one more and I’ll stop.”
    But programs work for others so why not for I.

    Should I go to a Twelve Step meeting
    With its recovering people who almost died
    They tell of back when things were hopeless
    They boast of when they faced the pain & they cried

    When I leave the warmth for the cold wet outside
    Will I be filled with anger or hope or despair?
    Well the future’s uncertain for everyone
    I guess I’ll know tonight when I’m there.

  3. Travel down to Mullen Nebraska and take a trip on the Middle Loup River.

    Great fun.

    And you should be able to pick up Creighton BB games on AM 590.

    This year: Final Four!!

  4. […] the sundry tasks with which my new assignment presents me is overseeing the transition to the new translation of the Roman Missal in the parishes […]

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