For those in the New York area, it’s one week until “Confession Monday,” April 18, 2011.  Confession Monday is a pastoral initiative of the Archdiocese of New York and the Dioceses of Brooklyn and Rockville Center in which priests will hear confessions in all parishes from 3 – 9 pm.

As part of the initiative, the participating dioceses have sponsored a contest for kids in Catholic schools to make one minute videos promoting the event.  The videos are delightful, so if you need a little added motivation to have your soul cleansed before Easter, take it from these young New Yorkers:




4 Responses to i-confess.com

  1. William Atkinson says:

    With everything about us moving into 21st mass communication century, and almost all daily activity can be done on internet, (taxes, people and vehicle registration, folks working at home, medical diagnosis and some treatment via internet , N oddles of other stuff on internet) when are we gonna have Eucharist and Mass, Confession, Baptism, Marriage, Confirmation, Unction, Orders, retreats, Benediction on live internet. Ok Ok just joking, but hey why NOt….. I’m shure Heavenly Host wouldn’t care, might even get them into laughing more and more at us earthly beings, after all didn’t God creat us in his image and likeness in his expanding universe kingdom for a good laugh, couldn’t of been cause he was lonely, heck, there are 60 billion of us now, how lonely is He. All fun aside…. we are an Easter peoples…

  2. Qualis Rex says:

    Cute, but unfortunately high on schlock, low on substance. The 70’s era “the priest is only there to be kind…just like Jesus” mentality has GOT TO GO! Case in point: anyone who has ever gone to confession in Italy KNOWS the priest isn’t “only there to be kind” (in my case I’m lucky if he doesn’t try to back-hand me through the confessional). The gospels are VERY clear; Jesus/God wasn’t/isn’t always “kind”. He IS always JUST and merciful. When confronted with sin, Our Lord didn’t say, “eh…there are worse things you could be doing. Just as long as you don’t beat yourself up over it too much you’re OK.” He said very clearly, “Go and sin no more.”

    Granted, there are a multitude of softer and more diplomatic ways of calling out one’s sin and exhorting them to turn away from it (not that I have ever been accused of being soft or diplomatic…ahem). But today’s priests need to hold their flock, their peers AND THEMSELVES to a level of accountability that frankly we have lost over the last 30 odd years (and yes, in an historic context they have been very odd).

    Sorry for the rant. And to be fair, any video that gets anyone back into the confessional would be a blessing.

    • Anthony Lusvardi, SJ says:


      Two points of perspective seem relevant:

      (1) the videos are all under one minute long, and

      (2) the kids who produced them appear to be all under 16.

      So I’m willing to settle for a bit less substance than what I’d expect in a discourse from the Holy Father. They were asked to make an advertisement, and they did a good job.


      • Qualis Rex says:

        Anton, yes, absolutely correct. I’m sure they did the best with that they had to work with. God bless them.

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