Don’t Sleep Through Lent: Spiritual Exercises for Lent

In addition to Paddy’s fine suggestion, here are ten other sites to make for a good Lenten journey.

1. Mentioned here in these pages last year, this group of young Jesuits are blogging their way through Lent, offering spiritual reflections for each day (or thereabouts) during Lent.

2. The Irish Jesuits offer a Lenten guide on their Sacred Space website. Take a look.

3. Saint Louis University Campus Ministry has a great year-round resource for the liturgy. Take a look during Lent for reflections and commentary on the Sunday readings.

4. Take a look at Father Robert Barron’s always excellent Word of Fire Blog. He’s got some special posts for Lent.

5. Here the Vatican posts messages from the Pope related to Lent.

6. US Bishop’s Conference Daily Video Reflection.

7. This comes from the Church in Ireland. Interesting resources for lent. According to Sacred Space, “Trócaire is the overseas development agency of the Catholic Church in Ireland. The Lent site has comprehensive resources for use by individuals and groups in parishes and in schools. ‘Trócaire’ is how Irish people express ‘mercy.’”

8. Almsgiving is an important part of the Lenten trifecta. Take a look at Operation Rice Bowl, Catholic Relief Service’s annual appeal to fight hunger.

9. Similarly, here is Jesuit Relief Service’s donation page.

10. Creighton University has a fine collection of daily reflections. Check them out.

Jeff Johnson, S.J.


5 Responses to Don’t Sleep Through Lent: Spiritual Exercises for Lent

  1. thereserita says:

    I copied this cute pic to my site…hope you don’t mind!

  2. Kensy says:

    Ditto here – I’ve linked to this picture from our blog. Work of art!

  3. pablo veiga says:

    Jeff, great posts! I enjoy following you from Spain!! just if it helps, here it is somenthing fine for your spanish speaking followers!

  4. Bluejay says:

    Creighton’s website is the best!

  5. Catholic Glasses says:

    Awwww! My illnesses seem to be God’s Will, for Lent 2011. One Humongous Cross, after another. Thinking Christ had no Anesthesia, when He was nailed to the Cross, I kept thinking about, when the shot in my gums, did not work, when the dentist tried to pull my tooth. She tripled the dose. My eye rolled uncontrollably but my gums were not numb. My cheeks were. Today is better. This is my Lent. Acceptance of these crosses.

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