Prayer for Jesuit Vocations

November 5 is a special day on the Jesuit liturgical calendar, the Feast of All Saints and Blessed of the Society of Jesus.  It’s also a day of prayer for Jesuit vocations.  So whether it’s Ignatius, Miguel Pro or Peter Canisius, Alphonsus or Stanislaus, Hurtado or Campion, or any one of the Francises, ask your favorite Jesuit in heaven to pray that God will send us more men who will strive to be holy, faithful, and passionate for the Gospel.





in the name of Jesus,

through the power of your Holy Spirit,

we pray that You inflame the hearts of men

with courage and trust

and the desire to labor for Your kingdom

as Jesuits.


We ask You

through the intercession of Mary, our Mother,

St. Ignatius, and all Your saints,

to bless the Society of Jesus

with bountiful vocations

that it may continue to serve Your Church

with passion and zeal.


May your will be done.






4 Responses to Prayer for Jesuit Vocations

  1. Tony,
    Thanks a lot for the invitation to pray for vocations. It takes a special ear to hear the call of the Lord in our lives. Fortunately He gave us all such an ear in the Holy Spirit. May we create more time to listen.

    Peace to you in your efforts to serve under the banner of the Cross.

  2. Qualis Rex says:

    Anthony, don’t get a big head, but I pray God will send us more priests and candidates to the Jesuit order LIKE YOU!!!!

  3. Patrick says:

    How are the Jesuits doing with vocations these days?

    I ask in earnest, does the world need another Jesuit–is it for God’s greater glory? I am curious about what the men who believe God is calling them to the Jesuits think is their purpose today in the Church.

  4. Anthony Lusvardi, SJ says:

    Does the world need another Jesuit?

    Pope Benedict certainly thinks so. As he told our General Congregation in 2008: “[T]he Church needs you, counts on you, and continues to turn to you with confidence, particularly to reach the geographical and spiritual places where others do not reach or find it difficult to reach.”

    The Holy Father also quoted the “Formula of the Institute,” our founding charter (from which the phrase “Whosoever Desires” is taken), reminding us that our original purpose is as valid today as it was in 1550: “the Society of Jesus was founded chiefly ‘for the defence and propagation of the faith.'”

    As for vocations, we aren’t dying, but I’d certainly like to see more young men join our least Society…

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