New Writer

Dear Readers,

We have a new writer at Whosoever Desires!  Anthony Lusvardi is originally from the Twin Cities in Minnesota.  He studied English and Philosophy at Notre Dame before spending two years teaching English for the Peace Corps in Sarkand, Kazakhstan.  He took his Jesuit vows in 2008, spent last summer on the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota, and has been otherwise occupied studying philosophy in First Studies at Loyola University in Chicago.  I’m sure he will be a rich addition to the writing staff.  Please welcome Anthony and continue to pray for his Jesuit vocation.


4 Responses to New Writer

  1. Henry A says:

    Welcome Anthony! I am looking forward to your posts.



  2. Qualis Rex says:

    Whoah! That is quite a CV there, Anthony! Welcome! Khazakhistan is one of those places I’ve always wondered about since JP II visited years back. Why Khazakhistan? Maybe sometime you could take a moment to give us your experiences there working with the Peace Corps. I’d especially like to know how the church is faring there.

  3. Father Joseph LeBlanc says:

    As a Notre Dame alumnus, welcome . ..looking forward to your post . ..

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