New Jesuit Review

A news item about which some WD readers may be interested:  A new online Jesuit journal, the New Jesuit Review, has recently been launched.  According to the review’s statement of purpose:

The New Jesuit Review has as its goals the recovery of Jesuit spirituality from its authentic sources and reflection by contemporary Jesuits on its significance for their lives.  The writings of St. Ignatius and the First Companions, the lives of Jesuit saints and martyrs, and classics of Jesuit spirituality are examined in the spirit of Perfectae Caritatis, the Decree on the Adaptation and Renewal of Religious Life of the Second Vatican Council.

Articles in the first volume include: “The Self-Sacrificing Pastor: Anthony Daniel in the Year of the Priest,” by Archbishop Terrence Prendergast, S.J.; “‘Circa Missiones‘: on the Jesuit Fourth Vow,” by Fr. Kevin Flannery, S.J.; and “Ignatian Spirituality and the Apostleship of Prayer,” by Fr. James Kubicki, S.J.

4 Responses to New Jesuit Review

  1. Giovanni says:

    If only the Jesuits were to be the champions of reform doing everything in their power to follow the Popes every instruction.

    The reform of the reform would looks so much different today if the Jesuits had the same zeal today as they did but a hundred years ago.

    Jesuits that used to be feared by heretics for they knew that wherever the Pope extended his hand there was a Jesuit carrying his orders.

    I pray to God that the once great order becomes great again.

  2. brettsalkeld says:

    You haven’t met Bishop Prendergast, have you?

  3. Giovanni says:

    I have read of him in the New Liturgical Movement website. He seems orthodox but my issue is with the order as a whole rather than single priests.

    I can too name a Jesuit that is most orthodox that being of course Father Pacwa.

  4. Thrilled to see my ‘complaints’ have paid off,
    in this over-due and timely needed Jesuit
    missioning Spirituality print source!

    Our Catholic Tradition has only two meditation types:
    1- Ignatian
    2- Centering (Silent) Prayer.

    The latter has been gaining inordinate inroads,
    from my reading and experience, while the former
    is next to unknown, except in the Seminaries
    and houses of formation! I pray this journal now
    contributes to alleviating this overlooked oversight!

    Hopefully, too, as a byproduct it garners more
    Jesuit vocations!

    As to the history of our spiritually glorious Order,
    it remains in the hands of Providence, not in the
    realm of mere reason as Reason: finite certitude
    assessing infinite continued creative action by
    the Infinite Deity resident in our hearts,
    in His creation, and His universe!

    Maybe only now we are slowly recovering from our
    2 suppressions which I attribute causation to
    much of our lost heritage of authentic Ignatian
    Spirituality, which produced so many capital “S”
    saints among us small “s” ones!

    We nevertheless remain, always and everywhere,
    a mere Force of Ones
    in the mysterious Divine dispensation!

    PS: Xmas peace to all and more Grace in the New Year
    as exemplified in the Jesuit spirituality of the
    Huron Carol:

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