It is Done

It is done.

Once again the Fire has penetrated the earth

not with the sudden crash of thunderbolt,

riving the mountain tops:

does the Master break down doors to enter his own home?

Without earthquake, or thunderclap:

the flame has lit up the whole world from within.

All things individually and collectively

are penetrated and flooded by it,

from the inmost core of the tiniest atom

to the mighty sweep of the most universal laws of being:

so naturally has it flooded every element, every energy,

every connecting link in the unity of our cosmos,

that one might suppose the cosmos to have burst spontaneously into flame.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

3 Responses to It is Done

  1. Virgilijus Kaulius says:

    Love it!

    How about also posting his incredible one on Love
    which most don’t know exists, and in plus of itself
    preaches, without further words:

    “Some day after mastering the winds, the waves,
    the tides, and gravity, we shall harness for God
    the energies of love.

    And then, for the 2nd time in the history of the
    world, man will have discovered fire.”

  2. Virgilijus Kaulius says:

    PS: Regarding the 1st post, to show us the place of
    the mystery of Providence acting in souls:

    “Anyone who is not burning,
    will not be able to set
    anyone else on fire!”
    – Peter of Rheims (13th C.)

  3. Beautiful. Thanks for adding.

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