Jesuits in Art and Science


This is only a newsy post.  However, I often find it good both to remind and be reminded that the Jesuit tradition of ecclesial service in both the arts and sciences continues. A couple recent events have caught my eye.

With regard to the sciences, here is  link to Pope Benedict visiting and blessing the new headquarters of the Vatican Observatory (a work entrusted to the Society of Jesus).  Those who know Fr. David Brown, SJ of the New Orleans Province–recently assigned there after earning a doctorate in astrophysics from Oxford– will recognize him in the footage.

With regard to the arts, I find the mosaics of Fr. Marko Rupnik, SJ–installed in the recently dedicated Chapel of the Holy Spirit at Sacred Heart University–to be quite beautiful.  One can see both the mosaics both in situ and as a slide show.


3 Responses to Jesuits in Art and Science

  1. Virgil Kaulius says:

    It is again consoling to read of intellectual
    Jesuit accomplishments. However, of late,
    my awareness level was raised to realize that
    Jesuit Spirituality is under-represented,
    and today, sells itself short in the contemporary
    Naked Public Square, allowing pseudo-spirituality
    to fill the void….

    It remains the case that the Jesuit Order has
    a track-record for producing Saints, the most
    Saints I last read? Making the small “s” saints,
    the laity, unaware of the rich spiritual theology
    resident in the Order’s Tradition! I would pray
    that this error condition is reversed through
    a contemporary correction? And that in future,
    the headings to posts like this one “also”
    reference Spiritual attainments!!!

    I experience a significant void in conveying
    correct Contemplative practises information
    which the Jesuits should be countering due to
    the very nature of their call to do that which
    few do, and that would affect the greatest

    If one looks at the burgeoning growth of the
    Catholic Centering Prayer movement, one recognizes
    the continued lack of disemination of Ascetical &
    Mystical Theology to the Pews: nothing has
    changed since Parente’s book “The Ascetical Life”
    stated that teaching of the spiritual life
    is “a clerical reserve!”

    The Jesuit structured method of Meditation is
    not known in most dioceses, nor addressed by
    the John Main movement either! But it is the
    Jesuit method, as method, that produced those
    many capital “S” Jesuit Saints! And can
    among the laity, if so taught!!!

    Peace beckons: may we always follow and may we
    in the following, experince Its embrace!

  2. Giovanni says:

    Well its getting better but I do not think it is good enough.

    The Chapel its self is right down ugly I mean it has all the character of a mini-mall.

  3. Michae! Magree, SJ says:

    Thanks, Aaron for the post. I especially enjoyed the mosaics of Fr. Rupnik. Of special note for me were the crucifixion, the annunciation (the Holy Spirit coming as FIRE), and the Garden of Eden. Also I was struck by the scene of a young man in clerics carrying bread. I wonder what the context of that image is.

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